At TFSU, we publish various campaigns regularly to create a shift in culture in the public’s attitude towards Domestic Abuse/Violence holistically, in all its ramifications.

We create and publish awareness campaigns on:
1. Profound awareness about Domestic Abuse/Violence
2. Impacts of Domestic Abuse/Violence on individuals, family/friends of Victims and/or Survivors and the society at large
3. The lethal generational effects of Domestic Abuse and Violence
4. Zero tolerance of the menace by the public
5. The importance of Victims and Survivors engaging with available support

Our Campaign Buddies help to publicise our campaigns; their essential contributions ensure our campaigns achieve maximum exposure and success.

Our Campaign Buddies:
1. Are volunteers who give their time to help drive the agenda of the charity
2. Publicise our awareness publication via various social platforms that are available to them
3. Help raise funds for the work of the charity

Together with our buddies, we know, we can ‘Break the Silence’ on Domestic Abuse/Violence and create a public with “Zero Tolerance” to the menace.

Join our campaign network and make a difference. Please sign up with us by filling up the form below.

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