Tamar Family Support Unit

Tamar Family Support Unit (TFSU) is a charity organisation that supports Victims and Survivors of Domestic Abuse and Violence and their families.

At TFSU we:

*Provide a holistic support and befriending service tailored to individuals and families needs

*Work with Victims through the process of becoming Survivors

*Support Survivors through the process of revamping to re-establish themselves within society and beyond

*Educate the populace on the importance of viewing Domestic Abuse and Violence as a “Community Concern”

Our Mission

TFSU aims to break the Silence on Domestic Abuse/Violence in the community and provide a web of support that empowers Victims/Survivors and their families to reintegrate within society.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide tailored support that revamps Victims/Survivors of Domestic Abuse/Violence by educating the populace to “Break the Silence” on the menace and help build a society with “Zero Tolerance to Domestic Abuse/Violence”, to ensure the general wellbeing of individuals within society.

10 Point Action Plan at TFSU

1. Provide holistic and tailored support that revamps, empowers and reintegrates Victims and Survivors of Domestic Abuse/Violence.

2. Work with Victims, supporting them through the process of becoming Survivors.

3. Support Survivors through the process of revamping to re-establishing themselves within society and beyond.

4. Give Victims and Survivors of Domestic Abuse/Violence a Voice.

5. Encourage the populace to ‘Break the Silence’ on Domestic Abuse/Violence.

6. Generate a profound awareness that educates the populace on the lethal impacts of Domestic Abuse/Violence.

7. Advocate a ZERO TOLERANCE approach to Domestic Abuse/Violence.

8. Educate the populace that Domestic Abuse/Violence is a Crime, therefore, a “Community Concern” thus, requiring appropriate action.

9. Create a shift in culture in the public’s attitude towards and perception on Domestic Abuse/Violence.

10. Inculcate the young public, to say “NO” to Domestic Abuse/Violence.

“Zero Tolerance” to Domestic Abuse and Violence, ‘Break the Silence’