A Sustainable lifestyle for Victims and Survivors of Domestic Abuse.   “Zero Tolerance” to the menace.

Our Mission

Tamar Family Support Unit (TFSU) aim to provide a web of support that empowers Victims, Survivors and their families to reintegrate within society.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide tailored support that revamps Victims and/or Survivors of Domestic by educating the populace to UNMUTE “Break the Silence” on the menace. Thereby, help build a society with “Zero Tolerance to Domestic Abuse”, to ensure the general wellbeing of individuals within society.

Our Agenda is to:

*Provide therapeutic intervention for Victims, Survivors and their family to improve mental health

*Providing daily essentials to support Victims and Survivors on the run, staying with families and friends within the community 

*Create campaigns to educate the populace to help build a community with “Zero Tolerance to Domestic Abuse”.

*Provide a platform to give back Victims and Survivors back their Voices ensuring the public hear them Loud and Clear.

“Zero Tolerance” to Domestic Abuse and Violence, ‘Silence is not Golden’