Tamar Family Support Unit; Aims and Action Plans

  1. Provide practical, holistic and tailored support that revamps and empowers Victims through the process of becoming Survivors
  •  Free therapeutic Service: counselling, psychotherapist, Trauma Healing etc
  •  Befriending Service
  • Befriending Champion
  •  Survive and Thrive
  •  Unveil Program
  • Essential Survival Kits


2. Support Survivors through the process of revamping to re-establishing themselves within society and beyond though our:

  • a) R.E.G.A.I.N Project
  • b) Career Clinic
  • c) Business Mentoring
  • d) Lifestyle Workshops


3. Give Victims and Survivors of Domestic Abuse/Violence a Voice by providing:

  •  Advocacy trough the Criminal Judiciary System
  •  Independent domestic violence advisors (IDVA) and Independent sexual violence (ISVA) services
  • Virtual support forum on our website


4. Generate a profound awareness campaigns that is geared towards educating the populace and building a web of public support for Victims and Survivors of Domestic Abuse/Violence within society; which are as follows:

  • ‘Break the Silence’ and Silence is not Golden campaign
  •  Domestic Abuse and Violence Awareness Seminars (DAVAS), motivational videos and online educational program
  • “Set yourself Free” talk show to help victims/Survivors and the public to make inform decisions and take appropraite action regards Domestic Abuse and Violence as a Crime.
  •  #savealife Project to encourage ZERO TOLERANCE public approach to the menace


  1. Inculcate the young public, to say “NO” and have Zero tolerance to Domestic Abuse and Violence through our youth talk show Known as Time2talk.

Our Mission

TFSU aims to break the Silence on Domestic Abuse/Violence in the community and provide a web of support that empowers Victims/Survivors and their families to reintegrate within society.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide tailored support that revamps Victims/Survivors of Domestic Abuse/Violence by educating the populace to “Break the Silence” on the menace and help build a society with “Zero Tolerance to Domestic Abuse/Violence”, to ensure the general wellbeing of individuals within society.

Our Agenda


  1. Break the Silence on Domestic Abuse and Violence
  2. Proclaiming to the populace that “Silence is not GOLDEN”.
  3. Zero Tolerance to Domestic Abuse and Violence


“Zero Tolerance” to Domestic Abuse and Violence, ‘Break the Silence’