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Talking Therapy

Counselling and Psychotherapy Services. Sessions are geared towards better social integration, growth, development, emotional concerns and trauma resolution.

R.E.G.A.I.N Project

A focus group that help Victims and survivors of Domestic Abuse regain their confidence, rediscover themselves and re-align for the future using Theraputic approach.

Phoenix Group

Phoenix is a wellbeing platform, of small group, for people with shared experience of Domestic Abuse.
The platform will offer:

*Peer support

*Support on way to recovery

*Help on the journey

*Support with making sense of experiences

*Promoting wholesomeness in a safe space

We offer an all inclusive men only OR all inclusive women only spaces, facilitated by professionals, both online and in person.

Find yourself Again

 A small group Lifestyle coaching sessions that uses solution focused approach to personal development after trauma experience. The service is aimed at helping individuals realise that they are capable of achieving far more and leading more fulfilling life by making very positive and lasting changes in their lives.  We give:

*Guide and inspire that brings about a clearer understanding of aspirations, goals and life purpose

*Support to effect the necessary changes in current and future behaviour to ensure the realisation of identified goals and aspirations.

*Support participants to build confidence to face the future, to achieve more by accepting the present and recognise that past does not have to dictate the future.


Befriending Services

A listening service that helps to facilitate Victims and Survivors to explore their experience. Consider alternative perceptions to resolve issues without being judged; similar to Counselling. The service provides:

*Emotional and practical support

*Community-based support

*Impartial information

*Education on available interventions

*Support through the Judiciary System

Survive and Thrive

The programme is designed to provide resources that will help empower individuals that have experienced Domestic Abuse to sustain a means of quality standard of living through their career or business.  The program offers:

*Business Start up Workshops

*Career Progression Workshops

*Soft and Hard Skills Training

*Career or Business Mentoring

Rise Again Project

Provision of daily essentials for Victims on the move or between homes, who are accommodated by families, friends or at the refuge.  The provision is to support them physically, emotionally and economically.  We offer:

*Individual, Family or Fhildren return to school package

*Communication Package

*Transportation Package.

Beyond the Veil

The Talk show presents the VOICES of individuals who have lived with Domestic Abuse and SURVIVED.  It aimed at helping survivors give expression to thier experience and find a closure.  The show will tell the story of  how they navigate the trauma of Domestic Abuse to survive the experience.  It will emphasis, the lethal impact of the Menace on various stakeholders: victim, children, their immediate family members, friends, the community and society at large.



We create and publish campaigns on the impacts of Domestic Abuse. The campaign encourage individuals to speak OUT about their experience, thereby encourage the populace to speak up AGAINST the menace and create a web of support within the community and society at large.


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