At TFSU our aim is to support Victimes of Domestic Abuse holistically on their jouney of becoming Survivors that can sustain themself with in the community.  We aim to achieve following by year 2027:

  1. Support 1000 Victims and Survivors through various interventions as expressed in our action plan.
  2. Produce 30 episode of ‘Beyond the Veil’ and Time2Talk featuring Survivors of Domestic Abuse telling their STORY of how they navigated though their traumatic experience.
  3. Generate a profound awareness campaigns to reach 5000 people; to build a web of public support for Victims and Survivors of Domestic Abuse within society

We would action our PLAN by:

1. Provide practical, holistic and tailored support that revamps and empowers Victims through the process of becoming Survivors

a)  Talking Therapy

b) R.E.G.A.I.N Project

c) Befriending Service

d) Rise Again Project

2. Support Survivors through the process of revamping to re-establishing themselves within society and beyond 

a)  Survive & Thrive

b) Virtual support forum on our website

3. Give Victims and Survivors of Domestic Abuse a Voice 

a) Advocacy through the Criminal Judiciary System

b) Beyond the Veil 

4. Generate a profound awareness campaigns, educate the public and building a web of public support for Victims and Survivors of Domestic Abuse within larger community

a)  D.A.V.A.S (Domestic Abuse and Violence Awareness Seminars)

b)  #Savealife Project

5. Inculcate the young public, to say “NO” and have Zero tolerance to Domestic Abuse through our youth talk

a) Time2Talk