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Date(s) - 12/09/2020
7:00 pm



You are invited to a Zoom webinar
When: Sep 12, 2020 07:00 PM London

When it is a viable option, it is best for victims to do what they can to escape their abusers. However, this is not the case in all situations. Abusers repeatedly go to extremes to prevent the victim from leaving. In fact, leaving an abuser is the most dangerous time for a victim of domestic abuse or violence. One study found in interviews with men who have killed their wives that either threats of separation by their partner or actual separations were most often the precipitating events that lead to the murder.

A victim’s reasons for staying with their abusers are extremely complex and, in most cases, are based on the reality that their abuser will follow through with the threats they have used to keep them trapped: the abuser will hurt or kill them, they will hurt or kill the kids, they will win custody of the children, they will harm or kill pets or others, they will ruin their victim financially — the list goes on.

The victim in an abusive relationships knows their abuser best and fully knows the extent to which they will go to make sure they have and can maintain control over the victim. The victim literally may not be able to safely escape or protect those they love. A recent study of intimate partner homicides found 20% of homicide victims were not the domestic abuse or violence victims themselves, but family members, friends, neighbours, persons who intervened, law enforcement responders, or bystanders.

On the 12th we shall be having professions and survivor to thoroughly discussing the issues on “why victims stay in abusive relation”, in Real time with Real people. 


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